Property, Industrial and Financial Risks - Assistance Insurance Services

To meet a company's risk management needs, you need to get to know it. Sciath provides a detailed analysis of each client looking at the activity, its industrial and financial risks, as well as physical assets and insurable material assets. From the result of this analysis, we prepare a proposal for the management of a complete and personalized insurance program.

Insurance Lines

This insurance covers the property where the company is installed and all its assets, which are: buildings, furnitures, machinery, raw materials and finished goods.
This coverage garanties the net income and fixed expenses when a claim happens during a certain time oficial month indemnity, until the normal return of the activities.
Covers damages and resources in the policy due to various types of accidents;
Provides coverage for all risks for insured assets, that arise for the loss and remittance of civil work in the construction, installation and assembly of machinery and equipment installation until the final, including test time;
Protects the client's operations, employees and products failures against third parties subpoenas due non-intentional acts.
Insurance for all models and types of aircraft.
The cargo activity needs specialized analysis to protect door-to-door the client's interests when their finished goods, raw materials and machinery transfers are in transport through the trucks, ships, railroads and aircrafts. Coverage options can be adjusted according to the company profile;
Guarantees protection to the vessels, their owners and passengers;
The expertise to control and monitor the risks of auto and truck fleet provides minimum losses optimizing the premium costs.
This insurance is ideal for companies that need to provide guarantees and qualify to participate in bids and contracts with public agencies, customs clearance of goods, tax proceedings or, alternatively, other forms of bank letter of guarantee;
Credit Insurance was created to guarantee all of your company's revenue, even if one of your customers goes bankrupt. Insurance protects its portfolio of receivables from the eventual default of its creditors, as well as providing solutions to improve risk management and commercial credit collection;
Offers executives as well as decision-making security, solutions and services in the event of third-party claims related to their responsibilities as a company manager.